Membership of the Association is open to Yoruba Nigerians residing in Canada, and who must be approved by ⅔ of the whole Members.


Every member of the Association shall

1.Abide by all lawful decisions of the Association

2. Support and participate in all activities and programme of the Association, and maintain a least seventy-five per cent attendance at the meetings of the Association in each year.

3. Promote and defend at all times the interests, aims and objectives of the Association; and

4. Abide by the provisions of this Constitution and the By-laws of the Association.


Every member of the Association shall pay a membership due, in the amount to be determined annually at the general Meeting of the Association.
Pay Dues


Members who have paid their annual membership dues shall be entitled to the following rights:

1. The right to participate in the decision-making process of the Association.

2. The right to seek elective or other positions in the Association.

3. The right to vote in elections

4. The right of access to the facilities of the Association, subject to any set guidelines.